Lately wifey’s cellphone was acting up, so I got her a brand new One Plus X as a christmas present. Unfortunately, the SIM that was installed in her YMobile provided Huawei P7 didn’t like the One Plus X. I’m not sure what was the problem, but we were not able to enter the Ymobile APN for some reason, and the default APN installed in the SIM didn’t work in One Plus, and YMobile customer service were not able to help. So I decided to jump ship to Docomo based IIJmio which had a great family plan.

Before I jumped ship though, I took some benchmarks.

Phone Network Download Upload
One Plus One YMobile 4G 24.4 Mbps 2.2 Mbps
One Plus One Home Wifi (5G) 20.5 Mbps 14.1 Mbps
One Plus One Work Wifi 17.9 Mbps 9.7 Mbps
One Plus One Docomo 3G 3 Mbps 314 Kbps
One Plus X YMobile 4G 9 Mbps 8.2 Mbps
One Plus X Home Wifi (2G) 13.4 Mps 8.3 Mbps
  • I’m not sure why I was not able to use LTE on Docomo. Will check in different locations and contact mio support if this persists.
  • 4G on OPX seems slower than OPO. May have to do with restricted 4G bands on OPX. Though I’m not sure it has higher upload speed ?
  • OPX doesn’t support 5G Wifi. Which is the biggest bummer on this otherwise fantastic phone.

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