Moved everything to Hugo

So it’s already 2018, and it’s time to say goodbye to Jekyll, and move on to greener pastures. I moved my blog and personal CV site over to Hugo the new cool kid in the static web site generators block. So far, I like it’s simplicity and fastness. It doesnt have the flexibility of Jekyll, but we’ll see if that will bite me in the long run. In the porting process, to only thing I couldn’t find is a gallery / carousel plugin, because, unlike Jekyll, hugo doesn’t have plugins, so one of my pages is kinda broken.

Just created a Ruby Gem

I had this old Ruby script lying around which I was using to upload my sites to s3 whenever I wanted to deploy something new. However, as you can imagine, copying this script around was not the best solution as in time, I added bits here and there, updated to use new aws-sdk etc, and keeping them all in sync was getting tedious … Sooo, finally I nudged myself and put it in a gem.

Stellar Battery on Oxygen OS

I have been getting stability issues with Cyanogen on my OPO lately, so I decided to give OnePlus’s native OxygenOS a whirl. First I installed the initial version 1.0.0, which was kind of dated. I thought I could make my way into a newer version via OTA updates, alas, no there is no OTA available for OPO it seems, which is kind of baffling. So I flashed the newest version, which was 2.

Golang Gotchas

I’ve been playing around with golang lately, and got to know its intricacies better. At first, I have to admit I was not very enthusiastic playing with it, but the more I got to know about it, the more I warmed to to its concepts. And I observed it has matured pretty well from version 1.1 when I first started to play with it to version 1.4 and 1.5 when I first got do to something useful using Go.

Switching Carriers

Lately wifey’s cellphone was acting up, so I got her a brand new One Plus X as a christmas present. Unfortunately, the SIM that was installed in her YMobile provided Huawei P7 didn’t like the One Plus X. I’m not sure what was the problem, but we were not able to enter the Ymobile APN for some reason, and the default APN installed in the SIM didn’t work in One Plus, and YMobile customer service were not able to help.

Eddystone vs iBeacon

If you are interested in IoT, you’ve probably heard of Estimote. They are probably the leading beacon provider in the IoT field and that’s for a good reason. We’ve had their dev kit for a while, and had since been using them happily ever since. Their beacons quality is top notch, software frequently updated, and customer service usually responsive. As of recently, Estimote annouced support for Google’s Eddystone protocol, a beacon broadcast protocol which is a competitor to iBeacon from Apple.

Our Gitlab CI setup

We’re fervent supporters of Gitlab in our company, and when they rolled out a new CI module, we immediately jumped in to see how we can use it. In the past I’ve had experience with Jenkins, and a little bit with Travis. The Gitlab CI module is kind of based on Travis which is cool. It’s rather new so I had my doubts about it initially, but fortunately it turned out pretty good.

AC Chee Z !

Recently I joined a AC/DC tribute band, to pay homage to the legends. Last night was our first gig, I was little bit concerned, cause we didnt have enough practice. But it turned out really well. Great fun ! Kudos to Tokyo Underground legend Andy Mc Kinlay from the Kinlay Band for making this possible !

Enter Retrojen !

Nihayet Retrojen’ime kavuşmuş bulunmaktayım :) Emeği geçen tüm arkadaşlara çok teşekkürler, gerçekten bomba gibi bir sayı olmuş ! Murat Adanç zamanı 64’ler ve Laneth’den sonra ilk defa basılı bir dergiyi okurken bu kadar heyecanlandım diyebilirim. Çıkıp bi Naci den Tiamat’ın yeni albümünü çektiriyim filan modundayım :) Finally My Retrojen arrives from Turkey ! It’s a print only magazine for Retro enthusiasts ! Featuring articles about legendary stuff like Another World, Amstrad CPC Turbo loading, and many more … Feeling sooo 1988 now.

just deployed to s3 ! Yay !

Hello from s3 ! After some twidling with the marvelous Octopress, I was able to deploy my blog to Amazon s3 ! HUZZAH !! No more messing around with servers/dbs, no need to worry about server load/downtime, long live static blogging ! AWESOME